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This memorial website was created in the memory of our Beautiful daughter, Katie Nicole Williams who was born in United Kingdom on November 15, 2004 and fell asleep on February 27, 2007 at the age of 2. 

We will remember her forever, known to Mummy and Daddy as Katie Bug she was an amazing bubbly little girl , she died suddenly after choking on a grape 7 weeks ago and we miss her so much, she was our little princess, little sister of Guy Jake and Joshua,and big sister to Alfie and Charlie, the first girl in the family for 32 years.  

Katie was a much loved Grandaughter to, Tony, Dianne Susan, Dave, Terry and Sandra,and lorna the niece of Jonathan, Adam, Stefan and David and the Great Grandaughter of Sadie and Joan and the late Alma and florence,

We always wanted a dainty girly girl and for a short time she was, weighing just 5lbs 12 oz at birth she was so tiny, it was like holding a doll, she made up in no time and doubled her birth weight in a week, having 3 older brothers she was as rough and tumble as they were, probably more than they were at the same age. 

 She always looked beautiful, always dressed in pink but she loved to get dirty and the dirtier the better and we wouldnt of wanted it any other way, she had no fear what so ever and and insisted on testing our nerves daily with things that she did. 

She was so precious to everyone that knew her and we all miss her so much,we are grateful we had our little girl for the short time she was with us,we will never forget her and will love her always and forever.

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My Angel xx   / Mummy
My gorgeous baby girl i miss you so much i dont know how im surviving at the moment im just finding it unbearable to deal with all this all i want is a cuddle and a kiss and to tell you how much i love you its not to much to ask is it but i know onc...  Continue >>
We Love you Katie xxx   / Uncle Jon And Auntie Eleri
Four years today and we still love you as much as ever!! You mean so very much to us and as time passes this will never change. We still think and talk about you daily and wish with all our hearts you could still be here with us. Sending all our ...  Continue >>
Happy Easter   / Rhonda Craig Sehon's Mom (another angel's mother )
Love you lots baby sis <3   / Jake Kimber (Brother)
Hey sis Just wanted to say hi and that I'm missing you like crazy. Really wish you was here right now doesn't feel the same without after this many years. Your in my thoughts every day and every night and nothing will change that. I miss you lo...  Continue >>
xxxx To My Niece Katie xxxx   / Auntie Eleri, Uncle Jon &. Cousin Taylor
To My Niece Katie. I thought of you today but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday and days before that too. I think of you in silence I often speak your name. All I have are memories and a picture in a frame. Your Memory is a keeps...  Continue >>
Gone but never forgotten  / Simone Rowe (Manor nursery )    Read >>
Happy Heavenly Valentine's Day KatieBug 2013  / Rhonda Craig Sehon's Mom (Another Angel's Mom )    Read >>
Thinking of you a lot lately Katie  / Rhonda Craig Sehon's Mom (Another Angel Mom )    Read >>
My Christmas Gift to you Sweet Katie Bug 2012  / Rhonda Craig Sehon's Mom     Read >>
Merry Christmas from the USA to you Sweet Katie Bu  / Rhonda Craig Sehon's Mom     Read >>
xxx / Jake Kimber (brother)    Read >>
XXXXXXXX Happy 8th Birthday XXXXXXXX  / Uncle Jon &. Auntie Eleri     Read >>
Thinking about you today Katie x x  / Charlotte Rugg     Read >>
Katie Bugz  / Lorna Harris (Granny)    Read >>
Never Forgotten, Forever Missed, Always Loved xxxx  / Uncle Jon, Auntie Eleri And Taylor     Read >>
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