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Merry Christmas Katie xxxxxxx  / Uncle Jon, Auntie Eleri &. Taylor

Merry Christmas Little One. Thinking about you, Mummy, Daddy and your Brothers today. Today is not the same for them with out you but we hope they have a good day with the boys. It will be our first Christmas with your new cousin Taylor and you will be in our hearts and thought all day as always.

Love and Miss you as much as ever

xxx Uncle Jon, Auntie Eleri & Taylor xxx
My big birthday girl xxxxxxx  / Mummy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS 7 TODAY. not a day goes by when i do not think about you, and ive been dreading this day all year,infact this time of year is the hardest, birthday,xmas then anniversary all at once.

You were my baby when you went and now you are 7, i cant even imagine what you would look like but i know you will be beautiful. My gorgeous little girl with big blue eyes and that cheeky face of yours.

Uncle John and Aunty Eleri will be having their baby soon, just wish you were here to meet your new cousin,you would of been a proper little mummy and helped them out loads no doubt.

Your baby brothers are amazing and keep me on my toes and your big brothers are hard work as always, but they all love you and miss you so much .


Happy birthday again baby girl have 7 beautiful balloons for you xx love you forever katiebug xxxxx dont ever leave me, i need you more than ever right now xxxx




xxxxxxx Happy 7th Birthday Beautiful xxxxxxx  / Uncle Jon &. Auntie Eleri

Happy 7th Birthday Beautiful Niece.

Another year and another birthday we should be celebrating with you, this year is harder because we are expecting your new baby cousin to arrive any day and would love to be able to see you playing the big cousin to them.

Love you always and forever little miss, never a day goes by still when you are not thought or spoken of and this is never going to change. We will make sure our little one knows all about their beautiful cousin.

Lots and Lots of Love and Kisses

Uncle Jon, Auntie Eleri & Bump

Our princess,big si and little sis xxxxxx  / Mummy,daddy,guy Jake,josh,alfie And (charlie xx )
Not got much to say apart from we all really miss you and still cant believe you have gone it doesnt get any easier but on a plus side it doesnt get any worse nowwhich is a bonus we have learnt how to deal with it but it doesnt make it any better all we want is to be able to go back and change that day and wish you were still with usall your brothers miss you terribly and nanna sue looks after your special place for us she always keepds it pretty with flowers and grandad goes down and puts nice things down toowe ger regular updates with pictures but we wish we could get there ourselves and keep it all nice xxxx love u forever princess always have done always will xxxxxx nite sweet pea xx
My special Angel princess x x x  / Mummy   Read >>
My special Angel princess x x x  / Mummy
Where has time gone tommorrow will be 4 years since you were taken and it still feels like it happened yesterday the nightmares are back and sleep is impossible I still blame myself I miss you so Much and it hurts every single day I must of done something really bad in a previous life to deserve this I did everything by the book I never left you alone eating everything was cut up I never gave you sweets or lollies I made sure you had plenty of fruit and look what happened I may aswell of given you all the things you weren't allowed maybe you would still be here then your two baby brothers now associate you with a headstone everytime we drive past a church or a cemetery they say Katie it absolutely kills me that that's all they have if you they haven't even got the memories like we all have got a beautiful card off your big brother Josh today out of all your brothers he struggles the most he was to young at the time to understand why you had gone it's just so unfair the whole family struggles and I don't know what to do to make it better for them. Love you Katie bug always and forever x x x Close
my beautiful baby katie xx  / Mummy   Read >>
my beautiful baby katie xx  / Mummy
My gorgeous liitle girl. i miss you so much time is coming again when that dreaded day is getting nearer and this year i am on my own as daddy has to go away with work its a bad day as it is without either of us spending it alone out of all the days that come and go this is the worst and i hate it because this is the day you were taken away from us i can remember it like it was today and it haunts me still every night ive never loved anything so much in my life and i dont know what i have done to deserve something so bad all the plans i had for us as you grew up are only a distant memory now its just so unfair the bad people in the world get everything and ive never wanted anything just a little girl to love and buy pretty things for and you were snatched away from me in minutes everything i ever wanted gone in the space of ten minutes i just dont know what to think or how to feel anymore.
I love you so much princess always have always will forever xxxxxx Close

Merry Christmas Swet Katie Bug  / Rhonda Rhodes Craig Sehon's MOM   Read >>
Merry Christmas Swet Katie Bug  / Rhonda Rhodes Craig Sehon's MOM

Dearest KatieBug it has been such a long time since I have visited any of my special angels on   Please know I have thought of you so many times and vision you running and playing on the fluffy clouds of Heaven and riding on the ponys of faith.

Please forgive me for not visiting you sooner.  But I wanted to wish you a very Heavenly Merry Christmas this year 2010.

Merry Christmas to your Mum and Dad and brothers!

Happy 6th Birthday Katie x  / Louise Mom 2. Angel Sean (Friend)  Read >>
Happy 6th Birthday Katie x  / Louise Mom 2. Angel Sean (Friend)

Happy birthday katie I know I only knew you for a short while but boy you have had a big impact on my life. I remember the little toddler running round the front of the houses in Weeton and now today your 6th birthday but you will forever be 2 in my memory. Your mommy & I talk about our angels alot how we wonder what you'd look like who you'd play with the pain of not watching our angels grow I am so proud of your mommy she is a fantastic mommy to Alfie & Charlie just like she was still is for you. Charlie is your double just like looking at you in trousers. Well Katie have a magical heavenly birthday.

Sleep tight baby girl I will never forget you xxxxxxxx

Louise & family


XXXXXX Happy 6th Birthday Katie XXXXXX  / Uncle Jon &. Auntie Eleri   Read >>
XXXXXX Happy 6th Birthday Katie XXXXXX  / Uncle Jon &. Auntie Eleri

Happy 6th Birthday Katie!

Will be thinking about you with love today as we do everyday.

"Those we love don't go away
They walk beside us every day
Unseen unheard but always near
Still loved still missed and very dear"

These words are so true Katie although you are no longer with us you will always be loved forever missed and be very very special to us.

Sending you six big birthday kisses precious Niece

Lots of Love Auntie Eleri & Uncle Jon


Happy 6th birthday princess xxxxxx  / Mummy   Read >>
Happy 6th birthday princess xxxxxx  / Mummy

my beautiful baby tommorrow 6 years ago was the happiest day of my lifenot knowing 100% if you were a girl or a boybut had everything crossed you were a girl after 3 big brothersthe scan had said you were a girl but i didnt want to believe it till i saw you for myself i was a nervous wreck expecting this huge baby to be born by c section and out you came this tiny little thing with no meat on your bones and the lungs of an ox .... 5lb 12 oz not such a big baby after all my perfect little princess i think i must of checked your bits over and over to make sure you were a girlid been waiting for this day for 15 years my own little girl you were abbey to begin with but it just did not suit you and your grandad came up with katie and that was it my very special katie nicole williamsthe most beautiful little girl id ever laid eyes on  i watched you all day and all night still not believing i had finally had a little girl the nurses on the ward said you were the smallest but definately the loudest as you woke the whole ward when you wanted fed but i didnt mind you could be as loud as you wanted you were mine.

And now 6 years on your not here i know its your 6th birthday but its not really your still my little 2 year old princess you always will be my baby girl my katie bugcheeky mischevious and perfect i miss you so much it literally does make my heart break every day this was the happiest day of my life and now its so sad that i wish i wasnt here anymore some days so that i  didnt have to feel this pain all the time but we have alfie and charlie and your big brothers guy jake and josh as old as they are they still struggle every day

I love you princess thankyou for giving me the happiest day of my life and for two of the best years of my life life without you in it wouldnt of been the same happy birthday baby girllove you always and foreverwill never forget you and never want too.

Love you katiebug xxxxxxxx

Birthday / Gran Lorna (Gran)  Read >>
Birthday / Gran Lorna (Gran)

Hello little one

Tomorrow would have been your 6th birthday and when I drive by the schools I imagine what you would look like in your school uniform you would have given those teachers a run for their money I'm sure.  Had scores of admirers boys lining up and driving your mum and dad crazy trying to keep up with you lol

Not a day goes by when I don't think of you but sure you know that hope you and the angels who keep you safe make sure you remember this day a day to celebrate even if your not here.  Love you always and forever xxx 

our princess xxx  / Mummy And Daddy Guy,jake,josh (alfie and charlie )  Read >>
our princess xxx  / Mummy And Daddy Guy,jake,josh (alfie and charlie )
hello beautiful baby girl not been on for a while but its not because i have forgotten because i think about you every second of every day and it still hurts just as much as it did 3 years ago your 2 baby brothers keep us so busy alfie is a monster and charlie is your absolute double and its so nice to see we went and made ur special place all pretty and took alfie and charlie it broke our hearts to hear them say bye bye katie for the first time they shouldnt have to be sayiing that at 1 and 2 years old ur birthday is fast approaching again i hate it you would be 6 this time why is life so cruel i should have my 3 babies together their big sister being like a litle mummy to them we love you so much princess we did from the day you were conveived and will do forever no matter how many people think we have moved on or think we have a new life now couldnt be further from the truth. we survive off the joy and the 2 wonderful years we had  and would giive our own lives to have them back . all ur brothers miss you like crazy they talk about you all the time and have some very sad days still love you forever bug bug xxxxxxxx Close
Sending you Lots and Lots of Love  / Auntie Eleri   Read >>
Sending you Lots and Lots of Love  / Auntie Eleri

Hello Little Miss

We have just been over to see Mummy Daddy and your brothers. Alfie and Charlie are so adorable Charlie reminds me so much of what you were like when I first met you. I am so grateful to have known you if only for a short time but it still so hard knowing we will never see you playing and getting in to mischief with the boys. Not a day goes by when I do not think about you and I cherish the memories I have.  

Sending you lot and lots of Love as always Katie xxxxx



My life xxxxx  / Mummy   Read >>
My life xxxxx  / Mummy
Ive absolutely nothing to say princess im having an awful day and i cant believe your not here i look at your pictures and i get so upset and angryim in one of my shocked days where i cant beleive it actually happenedi love you so so muchit kills me everyday not being able to hold you or cuddle you and kiss you i hate how my life has been turned upside down because someone somewhere decided to take you away from meAlfie and charlie keep me busy but not a day goes by where i dont kiss your photo or talk about you or think about youi love you so so so much i cant even put it into words you were my whole world and im never going to get that back ever again i want to enjoy your brothers growing up but in the same breath i want to be old and die so i can be with youlove you baby girl ALWAYS dont ever leave my side please .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Close
Katie / Granny Lorna (Gran)  Read >>
Katie / Granny Lorna (Gran)

Hi Katie

Just wanted to put a post on here to thank all the people who put such lovely things on your grave.  We all know that you are in a very special place for very special little girls but your grave is the place we can all go to just to say hello and spend a little time talking to you and hope you can see and hear us all.  I know that you love your teddies but you now have a fabulous duck that Aunty Sarah got for you and I know you will love it to pieces.  I have put some nice pink windmills and a pink ladybug there all these things are for you and makes us smile because we think so much about you so many flowers in all colours from so many people who loved you to bits.  We all look after your place for Mummy & Daddy as they live so far away and get back when they can but you know they do so many things to make sure no-one forgets and so do all your brothers.  Love you always and forever xxx

My baby xxxxx  / Mummy   Read >>
My baby xxxxx  / Mummy

My beautiful little princess just a quick note to say i miss you so so much i miss being able to hold you and watch you fall asleep in my armsi miss your infectious cheeky laugh and you mischevious little facei miss our days at the stables i just miss everything and i want you home with us who ever has you now has a lot to answer for and i will be having serious words when i eventually get you back.

I love you so so so much it hurts every day like it did the day you were taken and that will never change love you forever princess always will xxxxxx love you x love you xlove you x

xxxxx Our Beautiful Niece xxxxx  / Uncle Jon &. Auntie Eleri   Read >>
xxxxx Our Beautiful Niece xxxxx  / Uncle Jon &. Auntie Eleri
Today marks another year it is hard to believe it has been three years. Life will never be the same for any of us with out you here it is still so hard when shopping for pressies for the your brothers cause we see so many things we would like to buy for you. We should be spoiling you with dolls and pretty dresses. You are our first and only niece and will always be very special to us. We bought you some pretty pink flowers today and we will come and visit you very soon. We will be remembering and thinking about you today as we were yesterday and will be tomorrow and forever. It is so hard to understand why you left us all so suddenly but we have memories that still and will always make us smile like taking you to the park and having to chase you round as you climbed up everything like a little monkey or when you were jumping up an down on our bed and pinching carrots off daddys plate. Sending all our love to Mummy Daddy and your brothers as always. Lots and Lots of Love Hugs and Kisses Precious Angel xxxxx Close
Angelversary 27th Feb 2010  / Daddy   Read >>
Angelversary 27th Feb 2010  / Daddy

Cant believe its been 3 years bug so much as happened an yet it feels like only yesturday you were taken from us. Me and mummy miss you so much whoever said it gets easier are talking out there arse. Alfie and Charlie are getting really big now it wont be long before Charlie is cutting about walking and playing with Alfie he looks so like you its amazing everytime i look at him i see you smiling and laughing with him. I love and miss you bug more today than i did yesturday but not as much as i will tommorow. see u soon princess all my love and more Daddy xxxx  

Thinking of you on your Angel Day XX  / Louise Mom 2. Angel Sean (Friend)  Read >>
Thinking of you on your Angel Day XX  / Louise Mom 2. Angel Sean (Friend)

____****__________* **** ______
___***____***____*** __ *** ____
__***________****___ _____***___
_***__________**____ ______***__
_***________________ ______***__
_***_________*I' ;M*___ ______***__
__***_____*THINKING* _____***___
___***_______*OF*___ ____***____
____***_____*YOU*___ ___***_____
______***____♥ ♥ ♥ _____***______
________***_________ ***________
__________***_____** *__________
___________***___*** ___________
____________***_***_ ___________
______________***___ ___________
_______________*____ ___________

+ * JUST * + . * . + *SPRINKLING* + . + . . * *YOUR. + * PAGE+ * + . . * + . + * . * + * WITH.* . + . SOME. + * * + . *+ * + ..LOVE.. * + SWEET DREAM


Can't believe it has been 3 years since you flew away with the angels a precious life taken too soon. Though life has gone on you have been remembered every day not just that tragic day you left but the happy times too. Although I only had the privalige to know you for a short while my fondest memory of you is when you'd wander into my house with your ice cream looking for my pussy cat we could always find you all we had to do was follow the drips of ice cream and there you'd be stroking my kitty Misty. I think you liked him so much because he was so fluffy. I know your Mommy Daddy & brothers miss you so much it hurts and no one or nothing can ever take their pain away. All I can do is be there for them showing them I understand & care for their special princess & I will never forget you your birthdays Angel Days & everything in between. Hope you like your pink roses & keep a look out from heaven for all your balloons and I know there will be lots because you are loved & missed by so many.

Special hugs & kisses for a special little girl

Love Louise Keith Ryan Callum Corey-Sean & my special Angel Sean (I bet you two have so much fun in heaven)


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