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our baby girl xxxx  / Mummy And Daddy Guy Jake Josh (alfie and charlie )

its 3 years since you were so cruelly taken and its so unfair. Its getting harder every time every year we loved you so much and we still do and still somedays we cant actually believe whats happened it still all feels like a terrible nightmare and we hope we will wake up from it soon but then reality checks in and we remember that day and realise it is all very very real and you really are gone taken at 2 for no reason what so ever. This year you have been gone longer than you were with us what we would do to have 3 years with you instead of 3 years of hell the tears we still cry the dis-belief that something so simple took your precious little life the anger and trying to cope every day as if everything is still ok and showing people we are getting there when really we arent.

If you ask any of your brothers they all say the same they would give up their lives if it meant you could come back not that you would let them do that.

We all love you and miss you so much it kills us all every day we have to spend without you what we would do for one more kiss one more cuddle one more look at those beautiful blue eyes of yours one more of your cheeky smiles but it isnt going to happen and thats something we are all still trying to come to terms with and i doubt it will ever get any easier.

We will let some balloons off for you and your special place will be all pretty with flowers.

we will love you forever and cherish our wonderful 2 years that we had with you sweet dreams bug xxxxx our princess xxxx


xx A Precious Little Angel xx  / Uncle Jon &. Auntie Eleri
She was so very very special
And was so from the start
You held her in your arms
But mainly in your heart

And like a single drop of rain
That on still waters fall
Her life did ripples make
And touched the lives of all.

She's gone to play with angels
In heaven up above
So keep your special memories
And treasure. them with love

Little Angel in Bovver Boots  / Lorna Harris (Granny)


Little one the days and years are passing but time stands still for many of us that were with you that day when you were taken away mummy Steve and friends who tried to help you tried so hard and their pain doesn't get any easier as the years pass.  I was with you that night for many hours just holding you and it feels like yesterday every day feels like yesterday.......................... xxxxxxxx

Happy Valentine Sweet Katie Bug  / Rhonda Craig Sehon's Mom (Angel connected )

Sorry for your loss  / David Hurst (None)  Read >>
Sorry for your loss  / David Hurst (None)

I was looking for something on a customer of ours by the same name and your daughter's website came up. I get quite emotional easily so knew I shouldn't have looked at it but did and thought I'd write and say Hello just that really. My aunty's son Ricky died very suddenly of a brain haemorrage last September and his cousin put up a gone too soon website which offered some crumbs of comfort to us all. Another aunty lost her husband my Uncle Peter over 8 years ago and she told us the pain of losing doesn't go away but it definitely lessens a lot and you learn how to live with it. I hope that you as parents do and her brothers and the rest of the family too.

Your daughter looks a lovely little girl which reminds me - It's bathtime so time to say good night to our 2 little ones.

All the best


my princess xxxxx  / Mummy   Read >>
my princess xxxxx  / Mummy

finally got on without crying tried loads of times since xmas but just couldnt face itbut feeling a bit better now its nearly 3 years now and i think thats whats bothering me the fact you have been gone longer than you were here and its just not fair ive never loved anything so much in my life and it just doesnt seem right at all i get comments like you were taken for a reason and god wanted you with him  what a load of old rubbish you werent anyone elses to take you were mine i was meant to look after you and bring you up and enjoy every minute of it instead i got 2 years which is no time at all Alfie nearly 2 now and im dreading this whole year what if he doesnt make it past 2 either i will be wishing this year away and counting down the days till hes 3 and the same for charlie

Alfie is a little monster he climbs none stop all day,you two would of been thick as thieves,charlie the quiet  one,hes really timid and cuddly and the poor little man constantly getting a shove or a slap if alfie in a bad mood or cant get his own way.

I miss you so much little lady i dont know how i have got through the last 3 years i think alfie and charlie have helped i dont know where i would be today without them just wish you were here to xx

love you forever princess always xxxxxx you will always be my number 1 girl and probably my only girl xxx

Pretty Princess  / Rhonda Craig Sehon's Mom   Read >>
Pretty Princess  / Rhonda Craig Sehon's Mom

Dearest lil Katie it has been so long since I have been on! I have missed seeing your beautiful smile and the energy that fills each picture of you.  I know that by now you must be excellent at riding a pony!  Here is a lil Princess pony for you ~ Know I have never forgotten you and have thought of your mummy and dad often ~ Send them New Year Kisses and Hugs for 2010 ~ never are you far from their thoughts but always always in their hearts you remain ~


our big girl 5 today xxxxx  / Mummy And Daddy   Read >>
our big girl 5 today xxxxx  / Mummy And Daddy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS BUG XXXXX well your a big girl now but not too us your still our beautiful little katie all cheeky and mischevious like all 2 year olds arewe miss you so so much. i went out shopping today with my friend and we picked you 7 lovely balloons one of them a big disney princess castle balloonand at 9pm tonight  me your daddy guy jake and charlie let all 7 go and they are are there way to you now with lots of love kisses and hugs. guy still gets very upset and has locked himself in his bedroom after letting his balloon go alfie was fast asleep but he had fun playing with them all with his friend freya before we let them gohe did however blow the candles out on your birthday cake and ate the smartiesand we saved him a piece of cake for tommorrow.

it doesnt get any easier as the years go by it gets harder and harder its another birthday missed another year gone by without you.

we love you and miss you so so much and somedays its easier not to think to hard cos we just get upset but not a day goes by when we dont think about you and what you would be doing now.

we wish you were here and we would still give our lives if only to be able to spend a few more hours with you but we know we will be together again at some point and we will never let you go.

love you forever katie bug always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY KATIE XXXXX  / Uncle Jon &. Auntie Eleri   Read >>
HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY KATIE XXXXX  / Uncle Jon &. Auntie Eleri
Happy Birthday to our very precious niece you will be such a big girl now. You will be in our thoughts today as you are every day. We still miss you so much but have very special memories and talk about you all the time so you will always be with us. Sending you lots of Hugs and Five Big Birthday kisses Lots and lots of Love Uncle Jon and Auntie Eleri XXXXX Close
our beautiful princess xxxxx  / Mummy And Daddy   Read >>
our beautiful princess xxxxx  / Mummy And Daddy

Its that awful time of year again when we have your birthday and christmas coming upwe cant believe that you will be nearly 5 alreadynearly 3 years ago you left us and it still feels like yesterdayyou brought daddy safely back from afghan and were sure your here watching over your baby brothers we miss you so so much and not a day goes by when we dont think about you or give your pictures kisses or talk about youwe still include you in everything we doif we go away we take your pictures if we have a birthday a piece of cake always gets cut for youjust wish you were here to enjoy it allwe love you so so much and it still hurts every day that your not here and it doesnt get any easieryou are our little princess and you will always beyour a big sister and we want you here to enjoy it all and your not Alfie knows who you are he kisses all your pictures and charlie is your double he couldnt be more like you if we triednanna and daddy couldnt tell two pictures apart they thought they were both charlie but one was of you at the same agei still cry and still go to your room and sit with your toys and pictures and daddy just doesnt talk he takes himself off to your room and sits up there for ageswe miss you so muchi dont know how we have got as far as we have we never thought we would see the day when we werent crying 24/7 we never thought we could love another baby as much as we do you but we have two beautiful boys since you left and its amazing how much love we have for them your always going to be our 1 and only princess and you will always be daddys baby girl and mummies bug

love you forever princess always and forever xxxxx

My beautiful baby girl xxx  / Mummy   Read >>
My beautiful baby girl xxx  / Mummy

My gorgeous little princessyour site has been down for so long and ive not been able to get on but its fixed now so i will be here all the time againi miss you so much and i love so so much it hurtsAlfie and charlie keep me so busy and some days i feel so guilty for not thinking about you as much as i should but i always make sure no matter how busy my day is that i give your pictures kisses every day and so does Alfie especially the one with you and Daddy he even asks for daddy and katie now and points to the pictureCharlie still to young but we show him pictures and we will make sure he knows all about youAlfie knows you like you are here he knows if we say were is your big sisterhe points to your picture and wants to give it kisses he loves you so muchhes enjoying playing with some of your toysits nice to see them out again and getting played with but some things we have kept away just incase he breaks them.

You kept Daddy safe in Afghan his own little angel watching over him i just wish his friend had a special angel watching him too but he wasnt so luckyim sure he will be paying you a visit .

It was seans anniversary todaycant believe its been two years i hope you two arent causing too much havoc up there xxx

It doesnt get any easier not having you here and i think people see me on the outside and think everything is normalive had two babies ive moved house and im coping fine but the truth is having the two boys had made it harder it makes me realise that everyday with them is a day without you and that daddy should have come home to his 3 children not twothat when i buy them things i should be buying for you and when i tuck them up in bed i should be tucking you up in bed toonot kissing your picturesbut thats all i have now and a million memories.

i would give anything to have you back id even give my own life if it meant you could be here with daddy and your brothers its so unfairits coming that time again when your birthday is getting closeryou would be 5 this yearmy big girl i would love to know what you would look like nowlong blonde hair big blue eyes but i will never knownever get to see you grow up and go to school and it kills me

Anyway bug i love you loads and loads and more xxxxx night night princesslove you always and forever xxxxx

Special Niece xxx  / Uncle Jon &. Auntie Eleri   Read >>
Special Niece xxx  / Uncle Jon &. Auntie Eleri

Sending you lots and lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses Little Miss!!

All our love
Uncle Jon and Auntie Eleri


i love u so so much it still hurts every day without you x u have 2 beautiful baby brothers that will never know u x Alfie is like your big brother guy and charlie is you with boys bits . i think about u every day an will never forgive myself for not being able to save u that day,Alfie says Katie now and blows kisses at all your pictures, u would of been a great big sister x

I love you with all my heart and more and i always will, u are a big part of this family the one an only princess for ever. x

Love u katie bug xxxx my baby girl

Our Princess xxxx  / Mummy,daddy,guy, Jake,josh,Alfie and charlie (Family)  Read >>
Our Princess xxxx  / Mummy,daddy,guy, Jake,josh,Alfie and charlie (Family)

Our beautiful little girl,well your a big sister again,your new brother Charlie was born on the 2nd April weighing 6lb 4oz,he is you through and through more so than Alfie,he has blonde hair and blue eyes and hes a dinky dot just like you,all arms and legs at the minute,i just wish you were here to see him but im sure you have been and had a look at him, Daddy already spoils him rotten but he misses his little princess so much,he is away soon for  long time so please look after him and keep him safe and bring him back to us in November xxxx

Guy jake and josh miss you so much they still talk about you all the time and its nice that they can talk about you now without been sad but they still have bad days and its awful as their mum not to be able to help them.

i ,ove you so so so much and i miss you more than anything in the world,what i would do to have you back even if it was just for a short while so i could kiss you and give you big cuddles and so you could meet your two new brothers x Alfie talks to you all the time he chatters away to your pictures and tries to give you his bottle,he blows kisses to you too x

Anyway little lady i will love you and go miss you so so much love you forever and ever and always xxxxx

Watch Over Your Family Katie, Keep Them Safe  / Granny Lorna (Granny)  Read >>
Watch Over Your Family Katie, Keep Them Safe  / Granny Lorna (Granny)

  Hello Little One

Another little brother is due any day now and I know you will stay by your Mummy and Daddy now as they need you to be close to them.  Lots of brother's Katie, a real 5 a-side team with an angel to watch over them.

Stay so so close to Daddy Katie when he goes away, bring him home safe to Mummy and your brother's.

Love you always and forever, a kiss for each one of you xxxxxxxx

my baby bug xxxx  / Mummy   Read >>
my baby bug xxxx  / Mummy

i miss you so much little girl,i look at alfie and he reminds me of you,not so much how he looks but the things he does,he loves his juice and he even hold his bottle with one hand like you did,he hates the blankets been on him and he wont go to sleep without his blanket like yours but his is blue,he hates socks and shoes and love his choc choc and skips,he loves his sunday dinners but he hates fish and so did you,its so strange that he is so like you.

he loves big cook little cook and watches it all the time just like you and when he is asleep he is you,i look at him asleep and it hurts so much because its like looking at you,i thank you every night for giving us a special gift when i go to bed,and give you both kisses,i only have your pictures to kiss but at least its something. Its not very often that i forget to go into your room and give you a kiss as its routine and always has been,but the nights where i have forgotten ive woke up in a panic cos ive not given you a kiss and i will go through and do it. xxxx

Your new baby brother will be here in 3 weeks and its just so mad,i lose you and gain 2 little boys,you certainly love your brothers you little monkey. if you have any more suprises in store for me please make sure its a pink one next time,mummy needs an allie,too many men in the house now.

Love you princess forever and ever and always xxxx

2 years  / Mel Wright (Friend & Neighbour )  Read >>
2 years  / Mel Wright (Friend & Neighbour )
Hi Katie,
Just wanted to drop by and say hello.
It seems like only yesterday that you flew away with the angels not 2 years.
I will always remember that awful ay, it was heartbreaking and still is. Keep flying high baby girl and stay close to Mummy, Daddy and your brothers.
Much love now and always, Mel xoxoxo

Zoe, Simon, Guy, Jake, Josh, Alfie and not forgettig the new baby,
Thinking of you today and always, Katie was a beautiful and special little girl and will always be with you,
Much love to you all xoxoxo
Angel katie  / Simone Rowe (Nursery Keyworker )  Read >>
Angel katie  / Simone Rowe (Nursery Keyworker )

There are so many things in life that we can't understand,
like why a tragedy like this can happen in this land.
One moment life is perfect and the next it falls apart,
leaving us with nothing but an eternally aching heart.

Our souls cry out in agony amidst the suffering and despair.
We feel the pain and tear our clothes and scream "It isn't fair!". 
Horrific as our life now seems, one thing remains quite true.
Our little ones have now been freed to do things angels do.
They can't recall the horrors of those last days they were here.
They remember not the terror, the hurt, nor the fear.

There is no fear in Heaven. No more sorrow. Only Joy.
It's filled with joyous laughter from each little girl and boy.
We can only try to imagine, in spite of all earthly wrongs,
our little angels are learning the words to the Angel's songs.

Amidst the children's laughter and their Heavenly play,
there's also more important work going on there today.
Jesus is building mansions, never taking time to sleep,
for Reunions are being planned, yes, even as we weep.

The children gather around Him and listen to Him speak,
for He has all the answers that they curiously seek.
He tells them for a time, in Heaven, they must wait,
and then they can meet us at Heaven's pearly gate.

Your always in my thoughts Katie, especially today

I miss watching you at nursery run, laugh and play.

Painting, cooking, all the go's on the slide you had,

It makes me feel happy, but also so so sad.

I know you are in heaven,  and it feels like such a crime,

but i'm looking forward to meeting you again

some how, some where, some time.

Lots and lots of love Katie,





Miss you little one xx  / Uncle Jon &. Auntie Eleri   Read >>
Miss you little one xx  / Uncle Jon &. Auntie Eleri

Two Years have gone by and we still miss you so much little one, words cannot describe how much and I am sure we always will. You are a very special little girl and will always be a big part of our lives.

Sorry we could not come and see you today as we are visiting your nan and grandad in Spain but we have sent you a Disney Princess balloon.

We are all thinking about mummy, daddy and your brothers today and sending them our love.

Lots and Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses

Uncle Jon and Auntie Eleri

To a Very Special Niece!!  / Uncle Jon &. Auntie Eleri   Read >>
To a Very Special Niece!!  / Uncle Jon &. Auntie Eleri
Do you make them laugh in Heaven,
does your smile bring them good cheer?

Do you make the sun shine brighter,
like you did when you were here?

The very mention of your name,
the memories of your smile,
The little things that you did,
are with us all the while.

You meant so very much to us,
there’s nothing left to say,
Except that without you here
there is no perfect day.

For no-one knows the heartache,
that lies behind our smiles,
no-one knows how many times
we have broken down & cried.

we want to tell you something
so there wont be any doubt,
you're so wonderful to think of,
but so hard to be without...

We hold you close within our hearts,
and there you shall remain.
To walk with us throughout our lives,
until we meet again
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