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HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!  / Louise Mom 2. Angel Sean (Friend)


Can't believe another birthday has come around, you are getting such a big girl now Katie. I bet you are having a big party with all of your angel friends, looking down on mommy, daddy & the boys, catching all the balloons that will be sent to you. I will be sending you a balloon today with a very special message on it, theres one for my Seany too. I hope you both catch them.

I know mommy & daddy will be celebrating today, it's their princesse's special birthday, they will have a party & i'm sure you will be there, close to them. But I know that they will be sad wishing with all their hearts that you were there to open your presents, eat your cake & Have lots of fun. Life is so cruel, you were taken from them so suddenly and i'm sure there are lots of things they wish they could do or say to you. You will always be their big girl, their princess. You will always be a part of their lives, nothing can ever change that.

Have a fun filled birthday Katie, we all miss you.

Lots & lots of love & hugs

Louise,Keith, Ryan,Sean,Callum & baby Corey-Sean


BIRTHDAY GIRL OUR BIG 4 YEAR OLD XXXX  / Mummy,daddy,guy, Jake,josh And Alfie

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS,well who ever said it gets easier with time either hasnt been through it themselves or deals with things a lot better than we all do,because its not easier,if anything its harder ,its another year without you,at a time when you should be running round the house opening all your presents and been all excited,youre not here and its awful,but its still a happy day cos its the day you were given to us all and it will always be remembered as been one of the happiest days of all our lives,we have got pink balloons in the house for you and a cake for later and Guy and Jake are off to release their balloons in Edinburgh for you and they have a cake too and your Granny lorna is going down to see you today with flowers and your nanna Sue is going down to see you too,so your not even here and your still getting spoilt just how it should be.

Anyway princess we love you and we miss you and we want you to have the happiest birthday ever,lots of hugs and kisses xxxx

My big girl xxx  / Mummy

My beautiful little princess,well i know you have been round the house recently alot and most people would say im absolutely mad for thinking this,and i never really believed in it all myself,but Alfie talks to you all the time and if we say to him where Katie he looks straight at your picture and then looks at us as if to say,are you daft mummy shes there and he was born after you went so how would he know who you were,its so nice to know that you are around him,he has his own little guardian angel and i know you wont let anything bad happen to him ever. He is a little treasure,he has made theses last horrible 18 months so much easier,he is a reminder of you,he is so happy and so beautiful and i really thought i would find it hard with him because he wasnt a girl but i love him so much and he has made me so happy.

Seans mummy has had a baby boy too so now sean is a big brother again,so you have both got baby brothers to look after and protect from afar.

Its your birthday soon and you are nearly 4,mummys big girl,we are having a party and lots of pink balloons and a birthday cake just for you,like i said before without that wonderful day,the day you were born i would never of had you so every bithday that goes by we will celebrate and it will be a happy day,because that was one of the happiest days of my life,the day you were born.

I love you so so much it still hurts every single day and it will never get any easier or beter but i know i will see you again one day and thats what keeps me going,i still kiss your pictures every night before i go to bed and i say love you princess then go over to alfie and say and i love you too little man. I will love you forever and i will always think about you every day for as long as i live,if i could just have a few more hours with you,a few more cuddles and kisses,i want you to know that i tried everything i could that day and i know i wasnt much use to you at all,i cant help think you will hate me for not trying hard enough and im sorry. If i could have that day back i would of done more,i wouldnt of panicked as much,i wouldnt even have gave you those grapes in the first place.

I love you princess always and forever,big kisses and cuddles to you from mummy and Alfie and all your big brothers xxx

Katie / Lorna (Granny Lorna )
Hello little angel, I met your little brother the other week, a sweetheart, I could see you in him and it hurt for a little while but when he smiled his face lit up the room just like you and I'm sure he will run your mum and dad ragged, up to all sorts just like his big sister.  I hope you like your teddies in their raincoats. Love you xxx
Special Angel  / Louise Mom 2. Angel Sean (Friend)  Read >>
Special Angel  / Louise Mom 2. Angel Sean (Friend)

Hello Katie, Hope you are keeping all the other angels busy up there in heaven, I know you keep watch over mummy, daddy & the boys. I bet you visit them too and play little tricks on them. Alfie is such a sweetie, he looks just like you, he has your cheeky smile. Mummy is looking after him really well, just like she looked after you. But I know she would love for you to be here with her, we talk about how you would be Alfie's second mummy, I can just picture you pucshing him off down the road in his pram for a walk and your mummy running after you. It's so sad and cruel how life turns out, your place is here, like mummy said there isn't a second that goes by that you aren't missed or thought of, and life will never be the same without you, mummy & daddy just get through each day the best they can. I can see in your mummys eyes how sad she is that she hasn't got her little princess by her side, she just has her memories, they can be of some comfort but not as good as having you.

Anyway bug, you be good and stay close to mummy & daddy, would you give my Seany lots of kisses & hugs from me, I know he will wipe them off and say Yuk! but please tell him I love him & miss him so much. Sending you Kisses & Hugs Katie.


My one and only princess bug xxx  / Mummy   Read >>
My one and only princess bug xxx  / Mummy

Sorry i havent been on for a while bug but your baby brother is keeping me very very busy,it doesnt mean i have forgotten about you cos i havent and i never will,i think about you every day and you always come into every conversation i have,cant help talking about you you made me so proud and you still do and always will. I had a message of someone that said ive to stop crying when i look at your pictures,i cant help it,i dont cry all the time its just so hard to think thats all i have left of you,i talk to you all the time, if you can hear me you probably think im mad,i tell alfie all about you ,hes so different from you  which is nice but hes so similar too which is hard,he has your nose and mouth but has Guys eyes but when he is asleep and his eyes are closed it looks like you laying there and some days its so hard to look at him and other days it makes me feel warm and happy that he does remind me of you,you would love him so much hes a proper little giggle chops just like you were and hes all cuddly and loves fuss, i get so angry with who ever it was that took you cos you should be here with us enjoying all these things with Alfie and out playing with Tiegan and Mia ,ringing my doorbell and running off like those 2 little monkeys do,i dont even get angry with them cos i can picture you doing the same things and it makes me laugh,you would of been a little terror,

I love you so much princess and i miss you every minute of every day,life really is not the same without you here,but we manage and we get on because we have too,it doesnt mean we have forgotten you cos that will never ever happen,its your 4th Birthday soon so nearly 4 kisses instead of 3, time has gone so quick and so much has happened in 18 months, but we are still going to have acake and balloons just for you,its your special day,without that day i would never of got to meet you and would never of had the 2 amazing years i had with you,so your bithday will always be a special day for us all,to have you for 2 years is better than not having you at all.

Nite nite princess bug,love you always and forever xxx

My baby sister xxx  / Jake Big Brother   Read >>
My baby sister xxx  / Jake Big Brother
KATIE / Lorna Harris (Granny)  Read >>
KATIE / Lorna Harris (Granny)

hi Little One

Been a while since I posted on here.  I went down to see you last weekend as normal but was annoyed to see that your little angel had been broken and your butterfly, not sure if it was all the bad weather but no problem.

You have lots of plants and flowers just blooming away, it is so bright and colourful, just like you.  I have another angel to stay with you, I know you will like it, your mummy and daddy bought it for me and now I want you to have it close to you.

Sleep tight little one, love you.

Granny Lorna xxx

Our baby girl xxx  / Mummy And Daddy   Read >>
Our baby girl xxx  / Mummy And Daddy

We miss you so much and every day is a sruggle without you,we thought that it would get better as time went on but it just seems to get harder and harder because each day we are wondering what you would be doing,and how well you would be speaking now and how long your beautiful blonde hair would be, who would your friends be, how you would be with Alfie,its just so so hard. Guy Jake and josh miss you so much they talk about you every day and they are so protective over Alfie,they love him so much but they desperately want their little sister back,like everyone  has said it seems so unfair that he is here and your not but we cant change that in a perfect world we would have you both here,but we know you are looking down on us from somewhere watching everything we do.

Its nearly your birthday again,in 2 months you will be 4 and its going to be a hard day but we will still have a party for you and lots of pink balloons. We look at your pictures every day,we have a picture of you in every room in the house,so everywhere we go we can see you. we love you and miss you so much,the tears still come and go like they always have,and probably always will,love you forever bug xxx nearly 4 kisses soon xxx


My big sister xxx  / Alfie Williams (little brother )  Read >>
My big sister xxx  / Alfie Williams (little brother )
I know i havent met you yet,but im sure im going to know all about you as i grow up,i will be as proud of you as Guy Jake and Josh are and love you as much as if you were here with me,i know i have my own special angel now who is going to look out for me as i grow up,and if anyone asks me when im older i will always tell them i have a big sister and she is the most beautiful angel in heaven,we are very alike and im told i get all my good looks and cheekiness from you,i love your pink room and all the toys you have and i promise i will look after them for you,it will soon be our room and on the door its going to say Katie and Alfies room, i have the same bedding as you so that it all looks pretty,i hope you dont mind my cars and boy toys been in there as i grow up,everyone says we are like twins born 3 years apart,i just wish we had been born together and we could of sent our mum and dad mad with our antics. I love you katie xxx my big sister Close
Daddys girl xxx  / Mummy   Read >>
Daddys girl xxx  / Mummy

My beautiful Little Princess,we have had a rough few weeks,Daddy has been really struggling but hes getting back on track now,he has been away with work and hated it,last time he went away you were taken and i think he thought Alfie would be taken too,he said he was scared to get close to him incase he was taken away like you were,but we know that you are his little angel and that nothing bad will happen to him or daddy because you wont let it.

All the little girls you used to play with are starting school in Sept and April and all i can think about is that you should be going with them,looking beautiful in your school uniform,mummys big girl,but its not going to happen and it makes me soo so sad.

Alfie is looking like you more and more by the day he has your nose and smile,but he has a look of your big brother guy too,he is forever smiling away at your pictures and he loves going in your room looking at all your pretty pink things,your wind chime keeps him amused for ages.

we are finally getting home to see you next week and i cant wait,going to buy you lots of flowers and make your headstone look all pretty,i know your granny has been looking after it for us and has put some nice flowers down for you.

i miss you so much it doesnt get any easier at all if anything it gets harder its more and more days without you,its been over a year now and it feels like forever ,i would do anything to have you back,i still feel so guilty for giving you those grapes,you would still be here today if it wasnt for me,and nobody would be sad,and you would be Alfies second mummy.

Love you bug so much and more,always will do xxx

For you Katie Bug  / Rhonda Rhodes Craig Sehon's Mom /. Joe Rhodes's Wife (visitor)  Read >>
For you Katie Bug  / Rhonda Rhodes Craig Sehon's Mom /. Joe Rhodes's Wife (visitor)


Katie Bug as I was searching for the perfect Fourth of July graphic for you I ran across this sweet little bug.  As I look at your adorable pictures I can see "Katie Bug".   Most mom's will give their special "names" to their children.  What a blessing you were to your family.  Though short lived every minute of every day was filled with joy for you.  That joy continues just in a different fashion now.  Katie know that you are loved and missed so tremendously.  Something as precious, something as joyful, something as powerful as your love and laughter can never be erased by time.  You are held close to the hearts of all those that love you.

God bless your family Katie Bug!

Thinking of You xx  / Lorna Harris (Granny)  Read >>
Thinking of You xx  / Lorna Harris (Granny)

Hi Katie

I think of you daily and wonder what you are doing now and wonder if you think of us?  I was somewhere yesterday and they had a little girl the same age and she came over to me with her bottle and held her hand out to me and it was lovely but made me think of you and brought tears to my eyes because I wished it was you, wished you were here with mummy and daddy and the boys and somewhere where I could see you too xx 

my princess xxx  / Mummy   Read >>
my princess xxx  / Mummy

hello baby girl.i dont really know what to say anymore,ive been doing so well and last night i had the night from hell,i couldnt sleep the wind was howling outside and the rain was pouring and all i could think was my baby girl is all on her on in that horrible place and i wanted to go home and get you and hold you and tell you you werent on your own and that i am always here always thinking about you,its absolutely killing me,and ive had lots of bad days and i usually say to myself i will be ok tommorrow its just a bad day everything will seem better in the morning but this time i feel like its not going to be ok in the morning,its not going to get better and im scared i will end up in a downward spiral of depression that i cant get out of,everyone has moved on now and some people would say i have to that ive had a new baby that ive moved house and daddy has gone back to work and all seems ok on the outside looking in but ive not moved on,i still think about you every day wishing that i could go back 15 months and not given you those grapes but then Alfie wouldnt be here if that was the case and then i find myself thinking would i give him up to have you back and torture myself with well why should he be here and your not and then i look at him and i couldnt imagine my life without him,but for him to be here you had to go and its so unfair because i want you both,i dont want one or the other i want my son and daughter to grow up together how it should be. I dont understand how the world works all i do know is as much as i know i have to go on for your brothers and your daddy i cant wait till my time is up and i can see you again and if thats in 50 years time then so be it,i just want my baby girl back so so much. A lot of the time it still doesnt seem real that you have gone ,and i think thats what gets me through each day but then days like today when it hits me so hard and i realise you have gone and your not coming back really hurt,its just to much to take in,its like the day you died all over again and someone is saying to me ,shes gone,im really sorry but shes gone and in my head i know its true but im saying,no she cant of gone,shes 2 its just a grape all children choke on something,they dont die from it,its not real shes not gone at all,wake up its just a dream,but its not a dream its very real and its very painful.

I love you more than anything in the world and i would give anything to have you back,i miss you so much and i think as alfie gets older it will hurt more and more because he will be the reminder of what i could be having with you.

Sweet dreams princess bug love you forever and always xxx

Thinking of you today Sweet One  / Rhonda Rhodes Craig Sehon's Mom (visitor)  Read >>
Thinking of you today Sweet One  / Rhonda Rhodes Craig Sehon's Mom (visitor)

Sweet Angel Katie your mom dad and brothers miss you so much.  I remember your mom writing about how you loved horses.  So I am putting this golden pony on your memorial page to honor your love for horses.  May you ride the golden ponies of heaven laughing over the hills and into the fields of clouds.

Hey  / Kirsty Ohara (Friend)  Read >>
Hey  / Kirsty Ohara (Friend)

Hi Beautiful!

Thought Id write to you. Me and Mum sat talking about you for ages yesterday, just about everything really. We were laughing about the way you use to walk (like a duck) you always waddled along, you made me laugh so much with that and I use to take the mick out of you. Then we were laughing about the time that we were looking after you and we put you in your toy box and was pretending it was a car, twizzling you around, you were in hysterics. Just a few little memories out of many we have of you. I can still hear your laugh.

Im going on holiday tomorrow, I cant wait to be in the sun! When i went out the plane last year (this is silly i know) but i was thinking that i was closer to you, i was closer to the sky where you are, and I was wondering to myself if you could see me. I know that your family misses you soo much to the point it hurts. But I miss you too, I wasnt family but you were such a legend and someone that cant be forgotten, you made me laugh with some of the things you did, with the silly things I gave to you that kept you entertained for hours, paper clips was one of them, oh and my bangles, which you would put on and they would be way to big, but you would insist on having them and not giving it back. A year and abit on and it still doesnt get easier writing to you. It still doesnt feel real, I look at your picture and just think to myself your in your old house out in the garden playing. I remember when I didnt know you or mummy very well, id be out in the garden and I could hear mummy talkin and playing with you, and hear you laughing.

We havent seen you new baby brother yet, but will be doing very soon and I cant wait, I cant wait to give him a cuddle! I know that your looking down over him.

I hope your not getting upto too much mischief up there missy!

Love Kirsty xxxxxxxxx

Big Hug! X  / Mommy &. Daddy (Mommy & Daddy )  Read >>
Big Hug! X  / Mommy &. Daddy (Mommy & Daddy )

Happy Fathers Day X  / To My Daddy (Love Katie Bug )  Read >>
Happy Fathers Day X  / To My Daddy (Love Katie Bug )

Sunshine / Lorna Harris (Granny)  Read >>
Sunshine / Lorna Harris (Granny)

Hi Katie

Been to your grave today, the sun is shining down on your teddy bears and the little windmills are blowing merrily.  I put some pale pink roses there for you and chatted away to you, not out loud or they would come and take me away! :)  Haven't seen your little brother yet, only pictures but I'm sure your there watching his every move as will Jake, Josh and Guy be.  Look after mummy, daddy and your brothers Katie, love you xxx

Your Angel  / Rhonda Rhodes Craig Sehon's Mom (visitor)  Read >>
Your Angel  / Rhonda Rhodes Craig Sehon's Mom (visitor)

She was so very, very special
And was so from the start
You held her in your arms
But mainly in your heart

And like a single drop of rain
That on still waters fall,
Her life did ripples make
And touched the lives of all.

She's gone to play with angels
In heaven up above
So keep your special memories
And treasure. them with love

Although your darling  daughter
Was with you just a while
She'll live on in your heart
With a sweet remembered smile

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